The world's most advanced smart air purifier.

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Your Bodies First Line of Defense
to WildFires.

Designed for Maximum Filtration


Microscopic Particles



Wildfire Smoke


Animal Fur

Harmful Chemicals

0.3 μm Particles


The Worlds Most Advanced
Carbon Filtration System

Designed to excel in emergency situations when you need clean, safe air the most. Whether it be severe smog, wildfires or natural disasters such as sandstorms or volcanic irruptions.

JASPR's rapid filtration system combines HEPA and Carbon technology to ensure your entire home is protected from contaminated air in record time.

We believe air is the fourth pillar of health and should not be neglected

You breathe anywhere between 17,000 and 23,000 litres of air per day

Indoor air is up to 5x more polluted than outside air

91% of the world lives in places where air quality exceeds WHO guidelines

Wildfires are growing exponentially with each degree of climate change

How JASPR Works

Automatic & Smart

Not just "low/medium/high" -- tap "smart" and JASPR uses smart sensors to detect the contaminates in your air and adjusts automatically for optimum filtration.

Filtration for YOU

Whether you deal with allergies, wildfires, or something else, we have custom filters built for YOUR environment.


As a premium product, we use the latest motor and fan advancements to ensure low noise pollution.

Clean, pure air with the touch of a button

Instead of only low/medium/high, our advanced purifiers incorporate smart technology to adjust to changes in your air and ensure the optimal indoor air quality. Just tap "smart" and JASPR uses five different advanced sensors to gather information about your indoor air and fine-tunes its filtration for the best results.